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Breca Garnacha Calatayud Spain

Usually I do not like pure grenache wines, I like them blended which gives the wine much more character. But in this incarnation, the Garnacha that Breca maniftests in this wine stands on its own and is full bodied, smooth tasting with softened tannins and ends with a mouthful of velvelty flourish. Notes of black currant, black cherry

chocolate, and fruity plum that doesn't overwhelm but complements the complex palate this wine delivers. I might just be a grenache convert with this wine and its at a great price point. I plan to go back to the warehouse and buy a couple more bottles of this gem. Drinkable now.

Winery Website: N/A

Country/State: Spain

Appellation: D.O. Calatayud

Varietal: Grenache

Price Paid: 11.99

CWR Rating: 91pts

Costco Item #: 783472

Where purchased: Costco Tukwila, WA

Other Reviews:, vivino, totalwine


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