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2019 Glaze Cabernet

This particular wine offers a captivating experience with its medium nose, revealing notes of currants, earth, and oak. The aromas combine harmoniously, creating an intriguing olfactory invitation. As you delve deeper into the wine, you'll find it to be slightly fruit forward, striking a balance between the various elements.

Upon the first sip, the wine greets your palate with a gentle yet distinctive presence. The medium-light tannins lend a subtle structure, allowing the flavors to shine through. Its medium body ensures a satisfying weight on the tongue without overwhelming the senses.

The prominent notes of black currant and cherry dance gracefully on the palate, accompanied by a delicate touch of mint. These fruit-forward characteristics add a vibrant and inviting dimension to the wine. Smoothness is a key attribute, ensuring a pleasurable drinking experience from start to finish.

The wine unveils a focused aromatic composition as well. The scents of orange peel and chocolate dominate the foreground, contributing a touch of complexity and allure. These enticing aromas ride gracefully upon a foundation of black fruit and minerals, which offer depth and a sense of terroir. A subtle presence of licorice and black olive adds an intriguing twist, enhancing the wine's overall character.

This wine is a remarkable composition that delights the senses with its intricate blend of flavors and aromas. Its medium nose of currants, earth, and oak sets the stage for a journey of taste and smell. The combination of black currant, cherry, mint, orange peel, chocolate, and other elements creates a symphony of flavors that harmonize beautifully. With its smooth and fruit-forward nature, this wine is sure to captivate wine enthusiasts seeking a delightful and well-balanced drinking experience.

Winery Website: Glaze Wineries

Country/State: Washingon

Appellation: Columbia

Varietal: Cabernet

Price Paid: 11.99

CWR Rating: 88pts

Costco Item #: 91413

Where purchased: Costco Tukwila, WA

Other Reviews: Vivino


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