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2020 Kirkland Signature Oakville

When I saw this at Costco it was like a kid seeing cotton candy, I was giddy with anticipation on opening up the bottle as soon as I got home. The Kirkland Signature Oakville has always been a tremendous value and consistently delivers and the 2020 vintage constinmues that tradition.

This wine has a full nose with aromas of black berry, vanilla and heavy cedar. Initial taste is very bold and full bodied that finishes dry with lingering spice. After half hour decanting this wine blossomed further with complexity and softened tannins,

Not a lot of wines come out of Oakville at the $20 price point so this one could be considered a bargain but compared to other wines without the name brand appelation then it comes in at just a good deal. And when compared to the 2019 which blew me away then this one underperforms.

Winery Website: Kirkland

Country/State: California

Appellation: Oakville

Varietal: Cabernet

Price Paid: 19.99

CWR Rating: 90pts

Costco Item #: 1121240

Where purchased: Costco Tukwila, WA

Other Reviews: Vivino


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