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2020 Va Piano Ox Cabernet

Lightly sweet notes exposes this fruit forward plum and blackberry medium-bodied wine that hits the mark and sits at the right price point especially since it is currently on sale below the $10 mark. As it is often the argument that you cannot get $40-$60 wine at the $10 price point is often shown that it is indeed possible.

While I enjoyed this wine, if I were at Costco right now I would not buy more bottles of this but would buy a case of an even less expensive wine that gives more character and that is the Bookwalter review above.

Winery Website: Va Piano

Country/State: Washington

Appellation: Columbia Valley

Varietal: Cabernet

Price Paid: 9.99

CWR Rating: 88pts

Costco Item #: 11121240

Where purchased: Costco Tukwila, WA

Other Reviews: Madwine


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