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The Convert from Tenet Winery 2017

This dark red wine smells earthy and mildly sweet with some cherry and plum. First taste was smooth and round with minimal tannins. I tend to like red blends cause with a palate of different varietals to choose from you can create a recipe for a great drinking wine which we have here. Also blends gives the wine maker more flexibility with which to choose from since they can choose the best grapes from different areas that did well that particular year.

Tenet winery is owned by Chateau St, Michelle and head winemakers Bob Bertheau and Michel Gassier hit a home run here. Among the other wines at this price point I can say

it's the best one of the bunch.

After about half an hour of airing and onto the second glass and I continued to enjoy the blackberry and licorice that revealed themselves. At 8.99 on sale this is a tremendous value and comparable to other wines many times its price.

Winery Website: Tenet Wines

Country/State: Washington

Appellation: Columbia Valley

Varietal: Red Blend (56% Syrah, 19% Merlot, 10% Grenache, 9% Malbec, 2% Cabernet Sauvignon, 1% Barbera, 1% Cinsault, 1% Mourvedre, 1% Viognier)

Price Paid: 8.99 (On sale til 11/07/2021 Reg. 11.99)

CWR Rating: 89pts

Drinkability: 9

Buying more: Yes

Other Reviews: Vivino


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